How To Save GarageBand Songs As MP3 On MAC, iPhone/iPad

GarageBand app offers you a lot of different functions and believe me you will find these features really amazing. But when it comes to imparting essential touches to your music and songs, you need to use some special features. Well don’t get too worked up because I am talking about how you can import GarageBand songs and export them as well. To be frank these options are quite simple to use and can be understood without any problem.

When we use music making software like GarageBand it is necessary to learn how to import different music tracks in the app. If you are wondering why we would require importing songs or music then you should know that creating beats and sound is not enough. If you want to make professional songs then you need to include voiceover as well. So sometimes you might have recorded your voice with song lyrics and saved it on your Mac desktop. If you are done making the beats and music, then you need to import the voiceover as one of the tracks. Finally save the music and export the GarageBand song as MP3 format to share it online or with friends as well.

I guess the above reasons should be enough for you to know why import feature is necessary; it is so because we can add different MP3 media files. In this way you might add a song voiceover, or another beat which you have created a long time ago. You can add or import media files to GarageBand app in order to make your master audio even better.

How To Import Songs In GarageBand

So let me start with the first tutorial which is how to import or add songs in GarageBand, you can follow it add different beats, voiceovers before saving master audio.

  • First open your GarageBand app and then click on view button
  • Then we have to click on loop browse and then select Music through it
  • You can select any songs from the track view playlist to add to GarageBand
  • Or else you can drag any song from your desktop to the track list!

How To Save GarageBand Songs As MP3 – How To Export Songs In GarageBand

Let us consider that you have completed importing voiceover of songs and finished making GarageBand songs. Then you need to save GarageBand as MP3 which means we have to export these songs, so that you can share them with friends or even on social media.

  • Once you have opened GarageBand app you have to click on File button to save it first
  • Next we have to click on Share button and then we have to click on “Export Song”
  • Select to export song to disk and fill all the blanks in the new popup
  • Then click on save button and the audio will be exported!


So in this we have learned how to import and export songs in GarageBand app and you will surely find this article helpful while using this software. And whenever you want to export GarageBand songs as MP3 then simply follow our above instructions.

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