How To Save GarageBand As MP3 On Android

So GarageBand app is used for creating music and different sounds on your iPhone or Mac desktop platform. But when you are done creating the best professional music you will have to export it as MP3 file. Well you might be wondering why I should save GarageBand as mp3 file on either iPhone or Mac platform.

So you might be a pro or beginner who loves to create different sound beats and music on GarageBand app, but what if you want to share your music with others? Listening to yourself made music might not bring your anything, but if you share it with friends on social media or share them as MP3, you might receive their feedback and suggestions as well. And this is why you have to learn how to save GarageBand as MP3 on iPhone, iPad and even on Mac platform.

Well if you still have the question that your music is fine even after listening yourself then you might ask the question, why do I have to save GarageBand as MP3 file? Well the answer is quite simple you need to save GarageBand as mp3 on iPhone or iPad to share them with friends and family. Your friends will come to know of different songs and music that you have created.
And the next thing is that when you want to share your music on Social media like YouTube, then you will have to export your GarageBand as MP4 as well. So it is important to not only export music in MP3 format for audio streaming websites, but to upload on video sharing networks we need MP4 version as well.

  • If I have to put it in simple words, then in order to share and stream your music on Audio sharing sites like SoundCloud, then you need to save GarageBand as MP3.
  • But when you have to share the music on Video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion then you need to save GarageBand as MP4 file format.

I guess you have learned about different reasons why we have to save our music on GarageBand as MP3 and MP4 format as well.

How To Save GarageBand As MP3 On iPhone/iPad IOS 2017

Once you have finished fine tuning the music then click on file button and then select “Export to iTunes” button. And after that select “Preferences” option > Advanced tab and click on “Import Using” and select MP3 Encoder option under it.
Now click on export or save button at the bottom which will begin to compress and then save the music file to MP3 version directly.

How To Save GarageBand As MP3 On Mac OS X 2017

If you are on a GarageBand Mac version then you simple have to click on “Share” button and click on “Export Podcast to Disk” option and then select “MP3 Encoder” as Compress option. After that click on save button and the audio will be saved on your disk for future use.


So in this manner you will be able to learn how easy it is to save GarageBand as MP3 format on both iPhone and Mac platform. But if you want to save it in MP4 format, then simply select MP4 instead of MP3 while following the same basic steps mentioned above.
Now you can simply save any music or audio song on GarageBand app as MP3 and MP4 format without any problem. If you have any question then let us know in the below comments section and we will answer them quickly.


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