GarageBand is one of the most popular Music apps for IOS Users which would make easier to play, record and share your own music. There are more Windows operating users who are showing more interest towards the app and they are keen to know How to get GarageBand for Windows PC”. And this article will help you solve your query.

GarageBand is available for all IOS application including iPhone, iPad and other Mac operating systems. GarageBand helps to simplify the music composition at anywhere and anytime. It also has the Sound Library with free instruments and loop packs. This app is one of the all-time best app for music lovers.

GarageBand for Windows PC

There are more windows operating users who are all looking GarageBand application, the truth is there is no official GarageBand app for Windows PC. The developer of the GarageBand application has developed it exclusively for Mac platform. So the Truth is there is no Official GarageBand for Windows PC. But still, there are few ways that would help to install the GarageBand in your Windows PC.

Features of GarageBand for Windows PC

  1. GarageBand can record and play multiple tracks of audio using DIgital Audio WOrkstation (DAW) and music sequencer. This makes audio recording simple and easy.
  2. GarageBand can play using on both Virtual Keyboard connected using USB and normal QWERTY keyboard. It has sampled instruments and synthesizers.
  3. GarageBand also allows guitar-specific tracks along with normal standard tracks
  4. The one most important feature is Garage band can import MIDI files which can offer piano roll for editing and playback.
  5. It also allows downloading prerecorded music lessons from the lesson store.
  6. It is user-friendly app where one handle it in ease.
  7. It will help to edit the music anywhere and any time.

Requirements for GarageBand On Windows

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • RAM size: 4 GB of RAM
  • Processor: Intel i5 or higher


  • Mac Sierra OSX
  • Desktop virtualization app
  • VMWare

How to Download GarageBand for Windows PC?

  1. Download the Mac Sierra OSX
  2. Download  and install Desktop virtualization app
  3. Extract, downloaded Mac Sierra OSX
  4. Navigate to  macOS Sierra -> macOS Sierra 10.1 tools ->  Final YouTube Folder -> unlocker208.
  5. Run Win-Install as an administrator.
  6. Open Desktop virtualization app.
  7. Select ‘Open Virtual Machine’ from the options.
  8. On the next window, you can go to macOS Sierra -> macOS Sierra 10.12 tools ->  Final Youtube Folder -> macOS Sierra folder.
  9. Go to option Edit Virtual Machine Settings
  10. Choose the number of processor cores, select the number of RAM (if you have 16 GB RAM size than use 8GB RAM on the device)


How to Use VMWare to Install MacOS on Windows PC?

  1. Download and install VirtualBox

  2. Open a Virtual box and choose ‘Create new VM’ and proceed.
  3. Give a name to the new virtual machine and select macOS as the operating system.
  4. Select the latest version and allocate virtual memory and click ‘create’ button.
  5. Once after creating VM, go to setting button.
  6. Select existing virtual disk.
  7. Browse the location where macOS Sierra file got saved in your desk.
  8. Go to Documents/VirtualMachine and locate a file that says ‘VMX’ from the list.
  9. Access the file and paste the command provided below at the end of the file:
  10. smc.version = ‘0’.
  11. Click ok button.